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Starbuzz Phunnel Bowl

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Hookah bowls come and go. Some make a real impact in your life, and it breaks your heart when they shatter. Some bowls give you that perfect smoke session, and you can't imagine your life without them; but there's always that fear of losing them. You don't need that kind of stress in your life. That's why Starbuzz has made a top of the line silicone bowl, the Phunnel Bowl.

In those terrible moments when you drop the bowl, your natural inclination might be to fear for your bowl's life, but this bowl will not break. Perhaps ever. The Phunnel bowl is not only strong and durable enough to withstand any fall, it won't melt on you either. You'd pretty much have to drop this into rivers of lava in the Mountain of Doom to destroy this beast.

This bowl is designed in typical Phunnel fashion with a single spire air hole, and the curvature of the bowl is designed to retain the shisha juices to ensure longevity of your smoke session. The silicone makeup also means you don't need a grommet with this bowl, just put it right on the hookah and get to smoking. The bowl is also designed to not let the shisha juices leak and get your hookah all messy, but in the case of a mess the silicone is easily washable.

Go ahead, give in to your desires, and pick up a Starbuzz Phunnel Bowl today. Get that piece of mind you've always wanted with a hookah bowl.

Using the Phunnel Bowl:
You can load this Starbuzz Silicone Phunnel bowl like most other Phunnel bowls. Use 15g-20g of shisha, depending on the type of tobacco you're using and how much you want to pack. You can use either regular foil or a Kaloud Lotus on this bowl, the Lotus fits perfectly on top of the 3" wide, 4" tall bowl. The heat resistance means a lit coal can sit directly on the bowl, and the Phunnel bowl will not be damaged.

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