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November 21, 2016 3 min read

A dilemma many shisha smokers face is working out how they will get their fix of shisha whilst abroad. Over the last few decades or so, shisha has become globally popular and thus availability is not an issue, rather issues of price and convenience remain.

Smoking shisha abroad can become an expensive habit given that you’ve already forked out for flights, accommodation and other activities to do throughout the holiday. On other hand you may be situated at a resort where no shisha joint is available within walking distance and even if there is, their opening hours may be inconvenient, flavours may not be available and the quality may not be up to standards.

In short, there are so many stumbling blocks you can run into smoking shisha abroad. The ideal solution is to take your own shisha and associated flavours to smoke as and when you want. In our opinion, the perfect holiday shisha must be small in size, sturdy and easy to carry. Here are three options to consider…

Starbuzz Phoenix Heavy Duty Shisha (11 inch)

For obvious reasons, you want to take a small shisha with you, to ensure you can get that beautiful smoking instrument from A to B, therefore all the shisha’s we recommend will be of portable size.

We start off with the Starbuzz Phoenix 11 inch heavy duty shisha. Aside from its convenient size, what we like about the Phoenix is that it is extremely sturdy. The Phoenix is made from stainless steel and possesses a massive screw-on down stem. The vase is balanced mixture of style and substance, featuring frosted designs and is crafted using heavy stainless steel. The vase represents a pyramid like shape and thus has an extra wide base for balance and stability. The shisha produces an incredible smoke, true Starbuzz style, and comes in a variety of different colours.

Starbuzz Junior Shisha (13 inches)

Slightly bigger than its 11 inch Phoenix counterpart, the Starbuzz Junior Shisha is still fit for travel. The vase and base of the Junior is smaller than the Phoenix making it more one of the smallest and thinnest shisha’s around, perfect to fit into your suitcase or hand luggage. The great thing about the Junior is that it’s size does not put itself at a disadvantage to its larger adversaries. It still hits big like the large hookah’s and delivers a smooth smoke with thick clouds.

There is virtually no difference in quality between the Phoenix and Junior, it all depends on the size of your holiday party. For a holiday of 3 take the Phoenix, for a bigger party consider the Junior!

Hypnosis Amira Shisha (16.5 inches)

The Hypnosis takes a bigger jump in size but is still well-worth considering because it comes in a nice and tidy case and box.

In terms of the hookah itself, it looks beautiful and, like a princess, it sparkles. The hookah possesses a rounded shape that is heavy and stable, which comes with an equally durable metal tip. The hookah is easy to carry, easy to clean and smokes very well.

The Amira is perfect for a girl’s holiday out and the ideal female companion. The Amira is of royal standards and costs £24.99, not exactly a royal price!

Can bigger hookah’s work abroad?

It is not uncommon to take gigantic 20 inch+ shisha’s abroad, but our focus has been on convenience, thus have chosen hookah’s that are easy to use. You’re on holiday and you want to be spending more time enjoying the vacation and shisha, rather than setting up and cleaning!