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November 21, 2016 3 min read

Your choice of shisha bowl will have a huge impact on the quality of the smoke. A shisha bowl is responsible for packing and holding the flavour therefore a bowl that is inept at its duty will result in poor shisha quality. When thinking about making an investment into a shisha bowl, it is worth doing your research. Here we present our 5 shisha bowls that definitely worth considering…

Starbuzz Ceramic Bowl

The Starbuzz ceramic shisha bowl is a long neck bowl that is made from glossy ceramic. Being a Starbuzz brand you can trust in its supreme quality and it definitely delivers! The bowl is made as such that it will keep your shisha burning evenly, which ensures that you get the most out of the flavour. It works great with most coal trays and what’s more is that you have a choice of 7 different colours.

Goliath Vortex Bowl

The Vortex Bowl comes in two sizes, regular and Goliath. We’ve gone with the Goliath because bigger is better! The Goliath is an incredible 4.5 inches tall and measures at 3.75 inches wide, which means it can pack a mammoth 50 grams worth of shisha flavour. The Goliath is perfect for those who love a long and uninterrupted shisha session or when there are many people sharing a single shisha. The practicality of the Goliath extends to its physical make-up, which includes raised bumps at the bottom of the bowl to keep the shisha flavour fresh and aerated and 4 support struts that hold the foil up against the weight of the coal. All in all worth the meagre £3.99 price tag!

Small funnel hookah bowl

Why not give Shisha Gear’s very own funnel hookah bowl a try? The concept of the funnel bowl is opposite to that of the Goliath, namely it is made for shorter and more personalised and individual shisha sessions. The bowl possesses a neat and smart design, which is not only for show but has an intelligence behind it, keeping the shisha juice inside the bowl and preventing it from mixing with the water. This in turn enhances the length of each session and enriches the flavour. The bowl holds 10 grams worth of flavour.

Kaloud Samsaris Hookah Bowl

Made from silicone, the Kaloud Samsaris is being touted as the hottest shisha bowl of 2015. The interior of this bowl is made up of specific chambers, which serves the purpose of ensuring the right amount of flavour is packed in the bowl. Additionally, it gives a steady flow of air that results in a long lasting session, a smooth smoke, enriched flavour and thick clouds. Being made from silicone also has its advantages. The bowl is basically impossible to break, remains cool during a shisha session and is also very easy to clean! Furthermore, the bowl is made to be specifically compatible with  the Kaloud Heat Management system.

Apple On Top bowl

The Apple on Top Bowl epitomises what a modern shisha bowl should be like, namely, intelligently designed to deliver an incredible smoking experience. The ethos behind the design of this bowl is not to focus on the quantity of flavour that can be packed, rather the concentration and distribution of the flavour within the bowl. As a result, they have designed a relatively small bowl but one which delivers the full smoking experience owing to its slick design, which holds the flavour down the stem, allowing for a long lasting shisha session by keeping the flavour moist. Apple on Top fits almost all shisha’s and comes with its own specialist coal tray.