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Shisha Turbine Next Premium Burner Set

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Set of Coal Burner, Booster & Grille Inox.

Coal Burner
If you looking for the best and fastest coal burner, this is it.

Shisha turbine next Coal Burner is advanced version of electric coal lighter for natural coal. The product is patented, the design and the brand are protected.

The resistance is made of special heat resistant stainless steel. It was specially developed and manufactured for the shisha turbine.

The built-in fan creates the turbo effect. This allows a faster and smoke-free ignition of your natural coal as well as time and energy are saved, the temperature of the box stays low.

Shisha turbine next may contain approximately 10 pieces of natural wood charcoal. In 6 minutes, the embers are ready.

With the Shisha Turbine Booster, your coal is ready even faster. And even with less energy! What is special is the so-called flaps, which redirect the air flow. This gives the coal real heat from above. With the shisha turbine NeXt you achieve the best result and without turning the coal.

Suitable for every shisha turbine (except mini).


  • Coals no longer have to be turned over
  • Time savings of 2-3 minutes
  • High-gloss stainless steel
  • Space optics
  • No longer a problem with ash flight if you use cheap coal
  • Patented

Set Contains:

  • 1 x Shisha Turbine Next Premium Coal Burner
  • 1 x Shisha Turbine Booster
  • 1 x Shisha Turbine Grille Inox

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