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November 21, 2016 3 min read

The making of an excellent shisha/hookah is not only about how well it smokes. In the early days of shisha, the focus was primarily on achieving a good smoking experience of which the elements include a thick smoke, taste bud tingling flavour, achieving a long lasting session and so forth. In the present day the focus is still the same and, in fact, a lot of time and effort has gone into studying the genetics that make up a high quality smoking experience.

We have seen the likes of Apple On Top reinvent and refine the shisha bowl and Starbuzz doing similar with their range of flavours. Like with any product, as it evolves it becomes more spectacular. Previously, in the infancy of cars, we were happy as long as they worked, now aspects such as accessories and colour play a huge role in the purchasing decision. Similarly with shisha, over time, there has been a gradual increase in emphasis in its exterior looks.

Shisha or hookah pipes have now become a fashion statement, the type of shisha you own, almost says something about you. As a result many brands are still trying to create the best smoking experience whilst attempting to maintain a certain look and use that as a method to relate to smokers around the world. Here we take a look at our top 5 best looking shisha’s that have achieved this.

Shapes, Aqua Glass Shisha

The Shapes’ Aqua Glass shisha is made from transparent glass combined with LED illumination. Technically, the shisha is brilliant, it is easy to clean, made from durable material therefore is long lasting and it is quite sizeable too. The Aqua Glass shisha looks like something from the future, it shouts classy and is a perfect ornament to display at home when not in use. However, the pinnacle of this shisha is its LED light module, turning a smoking session into a smoking performance. The LED enables the shisha to conjure up unique and vivid patterns and a mysterious glow. This shisha makes for a truly memorable smoking experience.

Art Hookah 4.0

The Art Hookah 4.0 is another glass hookah that stands at 18”. The Art Hookah looks amazing and is made to be eye candy. It features an extra-large base, which gives one an opportunity to blend in various cocktails to filter the smoke through. Like the Shapes shisha, Art Hookah also comes with a remote controlled LED unit, allowing one to have a mini light show whilst smoking. It goes without saying that the shisha also smokes superbly.

Starbuzz Unicus Shisha

The Starbuzz Unicus is small compared against its counterpart, reaching a lowly 17” but do not let its size fool you. The Unicus comes with an elegantly designed base that is frosted and engraved with beautiful artwork, a more than respectable shisha to show in front of your friends or display at home. On top of that, you can choose from a variety of different colours.

Starbuzz Challenger

Starbuzz has not only revolutionised the concept of shisha flavours but is arguably leading the evolution of shisha in the 21st century. The Challengeris fine example of this possessing brilliant design that has come about from a practical thought process. The hookah stem of the Challenger is nice and sleek, made from scratch resistant material, which also means the hookah will not rust. The stem is made from high grade steel making it entirely resistant to ghosting. One only needs to rinse the stem after a session and can be confident there will no trace of ghosting when used again. The Challenger comes in different colours and is the epitome of the modern day shisha.

Starbuzz Matrix

We end with another Starbuzz shisha, this time the Matrix (which can be seen on the left of our video above. You can find the full video on our YouTube channel). The Matrixstands at an incredible 25” and contains a globe like base, consisting of a beautifully crafted design, much like the Unicus. It is stylish, elegant and a great addition to any smokers collection of hookahs. You can get it in either black, blue or red, it looks great in any colour. The hose is made from nice synthetic leather and matches with the shisha as does the bowl.


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