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Tangiers Burley Flavours 250g

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Tangiers Burley has limited flavors but offers the highest nicotine content. The Burley line is not recommended for beginners.

Prince of Gray - Prince Of Gray Tangiers Shisha Tobacco is essentially a floral and citrus blend of flavours; technically, it is a blend of black tea and Bergamot orange flavours. If you like Early Gray tea, you'll love this flavour of Tangiers shisha tobacco.

Cane Mint (96) - Cane Mint is an incredible flavour to mix with any other complementary flavours, but this is one of - or maybe the very best - mint flavours you can possibly smoke by itself.

Kashmir Peach - A crowd favorite and one of Tangiers own personal favorites as well, Kashmir Peach is a complex blend of sweet peach flavour and floral notes that is intensely delicious and subtly spicy. Overall this is a very potent flavour, but with so many subtle layers blended together you'll keep coming back for more as your taste buds find new flavour notes every time.

Tropical Revenge - Tangiers Tropical Revenge is a delicious blend of tropical Hawaiian fruits very similar to their Tropical Punch flavour, but with the added depth of tart grapefruit that gives this blend an added layer of depth.

BrambleberryTobacco Tangiers Burley Brambleberry - Taste like grandmother's blackcurrant jam from childhood.

Static StarlightStatic Starlight from Tangiers Hookah Tobacco serves up an aromatic sour grape shisha flavour with a hint of floral. Flavour matches the smell spot on, both are delicious!

Cane Mint B - ONE PER CUSTOMER ONLY! (if you purchase more, it will be cancelled)


Cane Mint from Tangiers Hookah Tobacco is an intensely flavoured Peppermint shisha flavour. The mint provides a very powerful cooling effect.

Of course, Cane Mint is an incredible mint flavour to mix with any other complementary flavours, but this is one of - or maybe the very best - mint flavours you can possibly smoke by itself.

Experimint - mint gum Wrigley Spearmint. The smell is right in one and the same cool!

KashmirKashmir is a unique ingredient found in many flavours of American Tangiers tobacco blends. Its taste is a little malleable, richly sweet, and pleasant. Even more striking is the rich and vibrant aroma of tobacco Tangiers Burley Kashmir. The mixture is perfect for smoking solo and will become an indispensable ingredient in strong mixes. 
Weight: 250g

AppleTangiers Burley Apple - This is the original taste of a ripe, sweet and sour apple, which is absolutely universal, therefore it is great to smoke solo and is an ideal ingredient in many mixes. Add fruit or mint tobaccos to the bowl, and harmony of tastes is guaranteed.

Strawberry - Fragrant summer berry is excellently presented Tangiers Burley Strawberry - great to smoke solo. Those who like to mix their own tastes on their own, you can try to create a stunning cocktail based on strawberries with milk, mint and berry notes.

Cane Mint (96a) -Tangiers Cane Mint is a very chilly peppermint shisha that delivers a flavorful punch and maintains a strong buzz factor thanks to the dark leaf tobacco used in its manufacturing. It is without a doubt the most popular mint flavour available on the hookah market.

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