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November 21, 2016 3 min read

Nearly all smokers have had to deal with a burnt carpet due to the spilling of coal during shisha smoking. Repairing carpet burns can be a strenuous task, here is the best way to deal with it…

Step 1- Damage limitation

Upon dropping coal(s) onto the carpet, using tongs, try and pick up the coals and place them back on the shisha tray or a nearby sink as soon as possible. Although the emphasis is on damage limitation, ensure you do not rush and are careless as that may cause the coal to drop again, deepening the carpet burn or even result in harm to yourself.

Step 2- Rough up the surface of the burn

First ensure that the burn is cool enough to touch with your fingers comfortably. Next, use the shisha tongs to scratch the surface of the burn from different angles. You may be thinking that this will make the blemish on the carpet worse, on contrary, it will dispel the burnt and melted pieces of the carpet making it easier to work with the burn. Of course, do not do this excessively as that will ruin the carpet! By now the burn should visibly looks reduced in size.

Step 3- Carpet Cleaner

Get some carpet cleaner (of any brand) and completely immerse the burn with it. Ensure the opening in the carpet (where it’s burnt) is filled with cleaner. Once this has been done use a brush, such as a carpet brush, and strenuously brush over the area of the burn. Alternate the ways of brushing, for example, brush in horizontal motion followed by a circular motion back to a horizontal motion and so forth. The purpose of this step is to remove any remaining charcoal out of the burn. Once brushing is complete, use a towel to dry the area entirely.

Step 4- Collect Unused/Unseen carpet

Chances are the design of the carpet that has been burnt is located in other areas of the house such as in different rooms and in less prominent/obvious places. Cut out a piece of this carpet from an area in which its absence will not be noticed such as the corner of a closet. Once you have that prepared, leave it to one side for now.

Step 5- Completely remove burnt parts

Using a pair of scissors, do your best to completely cut out the burnt part of the carpet. It may not be possible to entirely remove the burnt area, especially with small burns when one has to be intricate and delicate, however, attempt to at a satisfactory level (and use scissors safely).

Step 6- Replace bald spot

Once burnt pieces have been eliminated, you should be left with a ‘bald spot’ on the carpet. Find the spare piece of carpet, that you previously had cut and extract a small portion from it (similar to the size of the burn) and remove all fragments and fluff from the cut piece. Apply superglue to the base of your newly cut carpet and place directly over burnt spot. Press gently and wait for the glue to dry. Finally, use a carpet brush or something similar to brush over the area and you will see your carpet looks as good as new!

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