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Venom Warm Ring Shisha HMD

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The venom Warm Ring HMD is similar to the Na Grani which was the first to create this style of shisha heat management system.

The Venom HMD is made from aluminium which means it does not get as hot as a stainless steel HMD making it better for blonde shisha tobaccos as well as dark leafs where you prefer less heat. It will also lose heat faster than steel making bowls easier to save if they do get too hot for you.

The interior of the HMD device has raised section which help with air flow and stops coals blacking out.

The device will fit 3 26mm cube charcoals with ease or you can go with the 4 coal Russian setup with 2 coals inside and 2 overlapping.

The Venom warm ring HMD is presented in a wooden box.

Bundle Includes -
  • 1x Venom Warm Ring HMD
  • 1x Venom Tong Gold
  • 1x Coconut Charcoal 1kg