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Starbuzz Wireless Hookah Shisha E-Head - TPD COMPLIANT

The Starbuzz E-head is crafted from a solid zinc alloy , resulting in a smooth and weighted metal finish. This E-head contains a  single atomizer with a capacity of 8ml.

The advancement of technology in the vape industry has created amazing new features for these electronic devices, allowing for sessions to quickly mimic a hookah session. One major feature to look for when it comes to an electronic hookah bowl is a variable voltage , and this allows you to choose the temperature within your session. The Starbuzz E-head has 4 levels of voltage ,starting off at a light 10W level with the option of going as high as 40W . This is all controlled through a touch screen LCD panel on the top of the bowl, that display both the wattage level and the battery level

Illuminating from the top of the bowl, the bright LCD display will also include a inhale counter that will show you how many draws you've enjoyed with your session. This will also be a great reminder for when it's time to add more e-juice to the bowl, in hookah terms this means to light a second round of coals. 

Through testing session with this e-bowl, it was realized that the smoke never came through as hot or overly concentrated in the e-juice flavoring. The reason behind this smooth smoking experience comes from the multiple exhaust ports , that can be found in the interior column of the bowl. Every inhale was followed by a small purge of smoke from the exhaust, and this is a feature that happens automatically to prevent a bowl from becoming harsh . The smooth and comfortable inhale with each session is unmatched by any e-bowl on the market, and it is simply a new vaping experience. 

This E-head bowl does not operate on cartridges, and it requires no fire or charcoal. Before you get your session started always remember to charge the bowl with the included charger, and you can see your battery level with a quick swipe on the lcd screen. Once you bowl is charged and ready to go, then we can move on to adding our favorite e-juices and let the mixing begin. 
Unscrew the base counterclockwiseto open the unit and reveal the atomizer attached to the control panel, and simply pull out the atomizer. With the silicone ring of the atomizer facing you, slide the ring to the side and expose the e-juice port. Add your favorite Starbuzz e-juice and cover the silicone opening, insert the atomizer back into the control panel and you're good to go. 
This E-head bowl will work on any traditional hookah setup with the bowl proper grommet, you could attach a hose to the bowl itself but that wouldn't look right.

There is more than just a bowl contained inside the very sleek packaging of the this e-bowl, and the only item missing is your choice of e-juice. The heating coil is replaceableand it requires a "Y key" for removal, this component should only be replaced with a certified Starbuzz manufactured coil. You will also receive a single charger, and once again a superior e-head. 


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