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Starbuzz Pirates Cave EBUZZ E-Cigarette

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Starbuzz's newest product is here, the Pirates Cave Flavoured Starbuzz EBUZZ! Pirates Cave is a sugary sweet lemon-lime flavour that is a big crowd pleaser. If you are looking for an enjoyable smoke, the Pirates Cave Hookah Pen from Starbuzz will fit the bill nicely.

These cigarette shaped, hand held Hookah Pens are the perfect way to enjoy your favourite Starbuzz flavours on the go and without any ash, fire, or odour.

Each Starbuzz EBUZZ is composed of:

1) A flavour cartridge which contains 12 mg of nicotine.

2) A smart chip and atomisation chamber powered by a lithium battery.

3) An LED light which will light the tip of the EBUZZ up when the unit is in use.

But how does the new Starbuzz Hookah Pen work? It's really simple, just follow these steps:

1) Grab the red tag on the side of the EBUZZ and give it a pull. 

2) Remove the plastic cap from the end of your EBUZZ. 

3) Press the button on the side to activate. 

4) Enjoy 500 puffs of your favourite Starbuzz flavours!

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