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Starbuzz Pack of Any 2 Flavour (Free Coal)

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Pirate's Cave - A very strong lemon-lime flavour, Pirates Cave has a worldwide fan club. It's as sweet as it is tangy.

Golden Grape - Starbuzz Flavour presents another quality flavour from its BOLD Line of Shisha Flavour, Old school traditional meets modern day quality. A twist on an age-old, staple flavour, this will have you reminiscing about the past and leave your mouth watering for more.

Mighty Freeze - Mighty Freeze shisha flavour is packed with tons of lemon tartness and icy spearmint. Hints of lemon drop candy is meld perfectly with menthol freshness to give you a delicious burst of chilly fruit flavour. Mighty Freeze is sure to give you a mighty tasty hookah session.

Simply Mint (Frost Bite) - The mint you've been waiting for. The powerful yet slightly sweet punch of exhilarating cooling peppermint is sure to make this a staple in your hookah diet.

Grape Freeze (G Freeze) - Another additional from the Freeze line means that thin flavour packs a serious minty punch. The only thing better than a succulent grape is a frozen succulent grape.


  • Flavour: Pirate's Cave, Golden Grape (Golden Gee), Mighty Freeze, Simply Mint (Frost Bite), Grape Freeze (G Freeze)
  • Size: 100g

Free Coconut Charcoal 1kg

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