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Starbuzz E-Hose Cartridge Pink

Starbuzz Pink is a mysteriously smooth flavour that hints at a light raspberry. A very smooth smoke that glides across your tongue. Pink is a flavour crafted from the years of Hookah experience and success that only Starbuzz has.

This new Starbuzz E-Hose Flavour Cartridges is designed for use with the revolutionary new Starbuzz E-Hose. The Starbuzz E-Hose can handle up to two flavour cartridges at once which means you can mix different flavours together just as you would with traditional shisha flavour.

The Starbuzz E-Hose Refill is based on a popular Starbuzz shisha flavour but contains no nastiness.


 - Type - Cartridge

 - Flavour - Pink


    Note: These cartridges are designed to be used with the STARBUZZ E-HOSE and STARBUZZ WIRELESS SHISHA only!


    Note: Single cartridges do not come in retail packaging but are packed securely and hygienically.

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