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Starbuzz Black Peach Mist E Liquid 50ml


Starbuzz Black Peach Mist is unique flavour blend that combines sweet peach and blackberry flavours with cool mint.

This bottle of E-Liquid is from the producers of Starbuzz Hookah Flavour that's made for use with an electronic cigarette. Pour this liquid into the E-Cig and enjoy the thick vapour with all the taste you've come to expect from Starbuzz.

All ingredients are 100% Vegetarian, Made in the USA with FDA approved ingredients.

There is room within in this bottle to add 1x 18mg nic shot, doing so will give you 60ml and 3mg nicotine strength.


  • Flavour: Black Peach Mist
  • Size: 50ml
  • Strength: 0mg, 3mg