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OverDozz Shisha Flavours 50g


Overdozz is an innovatively urban brand that will ensnare you with it's artisan fruit medleys of Arabian Origin.

Awaken your senses with our meticulous spectrum of flavours, that will prolong your hookah sessions beyond 60 minutes.

Our distinction is the use of perfectly cut Virginia Tobacco leaves under the most optimal points of curation, nationally selected for production.

Heat Wave - The perfect balance between traditional Arab cinnamon and the most realistic mint.

Crazy Ex - A perfect mix between the mythical Arabic flavor ( Indian spicy) with mango.

Fresh Greens - A powerful, mentholated mix that will leave you frozen. Why wait to try it?

Judgment Day - An incredible and creamy peach and coconut combination, you will not be indifferent when trying it!!!

Wild Night Out - Dynamic and spectacular. If you like lemon cake you will be amazed by Wild Night Out.

Bad Habit - A special and exclusive, authentic grape flavour.

Go For Broke - A traditional, ancestral grape flavour with subtle touches of Overdozz best mint. Dare yourself!

Lusidrem - You will thing you are dreaming with this delicious watermelon and frozen mint flavour.

One Night Stand - A vibrant mix of passion fruit and mango with a touch of orange citrus.

Psych Out - A strong mint character and the subtlety of pineapple juice mixes once more to give you Psych Out.

24 Karatine - Sweet Flavour of capuccino and cookies with an unmistakable touch of banana and pineapple.

Summer Fling - The acid flavour of blueberry combines with mint to give you a sparkling flavour.

Double Trouble - Overdozz most emblematic flavour. An exquisite mix of double apple inspired by the original shisha flavour.

Zero Gravity - A perfect balance between lemon and mint that will make you soar. An experience that you can't miss.

All Nighter - Overdozz All Nighter has got an unimaginable amalgamation of zesty Indian Spices and juicy tropical Mangoes to join you.

Banango - It is now or never. Whether it’s day or night, no hour is better to savor in a bowl of Banango other than now. It features a blend of tart bananas and sweet, juicy mangoes. Are you ready for it?

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