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Al-Fakher Mango Shisha Flavour

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Introducing a new look – a suite of colorful jewels that offer a variety of flavour expression.

Based on new regulations there are no fruit names or images allowed on packaging, but the distinctive Al Fakher flavour hasn’t changed.

Discover the intense fruity sweetness of pure mango. A blissfully full-flavoured smoking moment.

You will receive 500grams of Al Fakher Mango tobacco concentrate and 500ml of Al Fakher REDMX universal molasses, which you’ll mix together to get 1kg of Al Fakher tobacco.


1 x 500grams of Al Fakher Mango tobacco concentrate
1 x 500ml of Al Fakher REDMX universal molasses mix
How to use REDMX

1. Shake RedMX well before opening, Add to any flavour of Al Fakher 500g tobacco concentrate

2. Stir Carefully. A full bottle of REDMX is the recommended quantity for use for 500g of All Fakher Tobacco concentrate, this will give you a total of 1kg of Shisha tobacco.

3. All 48 hours for the flavours to infuse before enjoying the delicious taste of Al Fakher. We suggest allowing longer then the minimum 48 hours to give you a better result.


  • Flavour: Mango
  • Weight: 1kg


If you mix or add anything to your tobacco product, you are likely to be considered a producer of a tobacco product and must abide by additional manufacturing quality rules as well as notifying details to the department of heath. We take no responsibility with what you do with the tobacco product after your purchase. This applies to customers who serve tobacco products for resale.

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