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Dschinni Royal Stone Phunnel Bowl Negro + Smoke Box

Fireclay is a fireproof material that has special thermal properties and is therefore the ideal material for shisha bowls.

The specific heat capacity of 1.00 kJ/(kg K) is quite high.

High quality fireclay brick (higher application temperature) is characterized by a very high Al2O3 content. The material is used for tiled stoves, fireplaces and e.g. pizza stones.

The material has proven itself in many thermal processes, making it the ideal material for a shisha.

The heat capacity and the heat resistance guarantee an ideal heat management and a pleasant temperature in the bowl. It does not overheat as quickly as normal stone bowls and does not need as much heat as natural clay.

Thanks to the glaze, the bowl does not absorb molasses and does not seep. The taste is more defined and unadulterated by the material.