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Dschinni Roxx Silver Hookah

As a Roxx, this hookah has a great legacy, which it playfully surpasses with design and new progress. Roxx Shisha is simply brilliant, it combines uncompromising quality with an unbeatable price. The inner skeleton, and thus all important functional parts, the elements susceptible to corrosion, are made of stainless steel. The optical elements can be made of aluminium without hesitation because they do not come into contact with the smoke to this extent. This is a huge upgrade because you basically have a stainless steel shisha at an incredible price without sacrificing quality.

The shisha consists of an anodized aluminium casing while the inside is made of 304 stainless steel, a very high form of the stainless steel alloy.

The glass consists of the highest quality crystal glass. The price does not determine the quality but the criteria of the material itself.

There is an 18.8 cut on the plate, which is used to attach molasse catchers and other decorative accessories. In addition, when used appropriately, the plate can be removed and transported instead of moving the whole shisha out of place, for example to exchange the head.

Due to the size, we achieve a low body volume of the base, which leads to a higher smoke density. The result is the desired smoking behavior of the shisha, nice thick smoke. Due to the shape of the base we achieve a very good laminar flow which leads to a gigantic passage but which is not uncomfortable. The dip tube does not have a diffuser, but this can be expanded with a silicone diffuser to reduce the noise level when in use.

The closed chamber system, which comes from Dschinni, has 2 vertical holes in the base, which conduct the turbulent flow in a laminar manner and allows the stale smoke to be blown out of the base Hookah extremely quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes cleaning extremely easy and faster. Dschinni Rox Shisha combines beautiful looks with the latest technical update.

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