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Dschinni Aluminium Molasses Catcher Black

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It consists of 2 parts which are screwed together. In the middle there is a dome that separates air and liquid, allowing only the air to move on, while the excess molasses remains in the molasses catcher. On the top is a small tub where molasses that runs down the silicone head gasket is collected. This is not the only special feature with our Dschinni Aluminium Molasses Catcher Black, but also the way you attach it.

The attachment is quite simple, we have in advance all head adapters of Dschinni where the silicone head gaskets come up already standardized with a 18.8 grind. The bottom of the Dschinni Aluminium Molasses Catcher Black fits exactly on the masculine grind of an 18.8 grind. So we take the head gasket off the shisha, and so we put the molasses catcher on the top of the head adapter, and then we move the head gasket to the top of the molasses catcher. Now you can put a head on the Dschinni Aluminium Molasses Catcher Black.
After smoking, remove the Dschinni Molasses Catcher Black, disassemble and wash it out.

Technical details:

  • Weight: approx. 71 g
  • Size: 6,5 cm
  • Color: black
  • Compatible: with all Dschinni pipes (except glass shishas)
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