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Alpaca Rook AOT PROVOST with Overdozz coal and armored foil - Orange

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Fumari has collaborated with Alpaca Bowl Company to bring you the Fumari Rook hookah bowl. These chess-inspired bowls are designed to function like a standard phunnel bowl with notches around the spire to prevent foil drag and increase airflow. Each bowl holds about 20-30 grams of shisha.

The AppleOnTop Provost II is the perfect accessory for your bowl. It sits on of your bowl and acts as a wind cover and heat management system. With the Provost you can cut your charcoal consumption in half and get much longer sessions out of your bowl.

Overdozz Coconut Charcoals are hookah coals derived from 100% natural coconut shell harvested from trees that have already fallen, and with absolutely zero chemical additives.

Extra thick aluminium foil, one layer is enough to make a good setup.

Bundle Includes:

  • 1 x Fumari Rook Bowl - Orange
  • 1 x AOT Provost II
  • 1 x Overdozz 1kg 26 mm Coconut Charcoal (or similar 26mm coal)
  • 1 x Aluminium Super Thick Armored 40 Micron 10m Foil
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