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Starbuzz Ebuzz Sample Bundle - 7 Flavours

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This Starbuzz EBUZZ e-Cigarette Bundle contains each of the 7 EBUZZ flavours available.

In The Bundle:

 - Apple Doppio

 - Blue Mist

 - Green Savior (Paan)

 - Irish Peach

 - Pirates Cave

 - Sex on the Beach

 - Simply Mint

Each Starbuzz E-Buzz is composed of:

1) A flavour cartridge which contains 12 mg of nicotine.

2) A smart chip and atomisation chamber powered by a lithium battery.

3) An LED light which will light the tip of the EBUZZ up when the unit is in use.

How EBUZZ works :

1) Grab the red tag on the side of the EBUZZ and give it a pull.

2) Remove the plastic cap from the end of your EBUZZ.

3) Press the button on the side to activate.

4) Enjoy 500 puffs of your favorite Starbuzz flavours!

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