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novembre 23, 2016 3 lire la lecture

We all long for the perfect shisha smoke. In this blog we examine the components required to formulate the ideal smoking experience.

Apple On Top Bowl

The Apple On Top bowl has revolutionised the hookah concept. Although the bowl is smaller than others, it delivers a brilliant smoking experience because the purpose behind its design is to concentrate the flavour within the bowl to boost performance. The AOT bowl has a deeper cut, which enables it offer a long lasting smoking experience and a prolonged flavour, the dream of any regular smoker.


Starbuzz Flavours

Nearly all our best sellers are Starbuzz flavours and they go perfectly with an Apple On Top bowl. If you are yet to try Starbuzz we recommend the Blue Mist, Pirates Cave or the Exotic Wildberry. All Starbuzz flavours deliver a smooth, thick and flavoursome smoke, combining the extremities of sweet and sour. What’s more is that Starbuzz do the same flavours in steam stones. Steam stones are tobacco and nicotine free alternatives and are best out there of its kind.


Carbon1 Hookah Hose

The Carbon fibre hookah hose features a stainless steel tip, carbon fibre body and high grade silicon made in the USA. This hose can withstand heat of up to 600 degrees. It is made out of carbon fibre, which makes it extremely light and durable. If you want to smoke hookah with only the finest accessories without any compromises, then add the Carbon1 to your list!


Clean X Hookah Cleaning Formula

It is important to clean your hookah regularly after use, you wouldn’t eat from the same dirty plate for days on end so why smoke from a dirty hookah? A clean hookah will ensure one is continually smoking the smooth flavour rather than a left over flavour from previous sessions, which bring an unwanted taste whilst also preventing inhalation of harmful dust and dirt. The best way to clean a glass hookah is to use the Clean X hookah cleaning formula. It works like a regular cleaning product and is very easy to use. Simply mix half a tea spoon of the formula with warm water, add to vase, stir and leave to sit for 30 minutes before rinsing with clean water.


Provost heat controller

The Apple On Top Provost heat controller is an accessory that acts as a wind cover and heat management system. Using the Provost you are able to cut your charcoal consumption by half whilst getting even longer sessions out of your bowl. The Provost is made up of quality material such as stainless steel and silicone, making it sturdy and built to last. Another advantage of Provost is that it works with all standard sized bowl types, not just Apple On Top. It’s very easy to use, just place it on top of the bowl and you’re all set to go!


Apple On Top Glow

The Apple On Top glow is a nice little accessory that makes a hookah session all that more fun. The glow is a fluorescent and safe colorant that one can add to the water in the hookah base making the water glow in the dark under a black light, pretty neat!

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