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Voodoo Smoke


Voodoo Smoke Hookah SET

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Voodoo Smoke has released a new model with an exclusive purge system from under the plate - 'Down'. Made of high quality German polyacetal and is completely black.

Voodoo Smoke is a high-quality machining of parts, stainless steel. Voodoo Smoke takes into account the wishes of hookah lovers and embodies them in its models.

Shaft, plate, mouthpiece, soft hose, hose connection, gaskets.

  • Hookah weight: ~ 1560 gr
  • Hookah height: 440mm
  • Inner part of the shaft: stainless steel, D13 mm
  • Plastic: German polyacetal
  • Immersed part of the shaft: stainless steel, D13 mm
  • Main material: German polyacetal
  • Hose connector: O ring
  • Connection material: stainless steel
  • Valve connection: absolutely unique system for blowing the hook from under the plate, internal
  • Diffuser: removable on the ring
  • Mouthpiece: stainless steel
  • Mouthpiece length: 300 mm, D10 mm
  • Hose: silicone
  • Hose length: 1500 mm
What you get:
  • 1x Voodoo Smoke Shisha
  • 1x AOT PROVOST Heat management system
  • 1x Moon Bowl (Random Colour)
  • 1x Overdozz Coconut Charcoal 1kg
  • 1x 40 micron Super Thick Armored Foil 10m