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Mexanika Smoke


Mexanika Smoke Shisha SET

Mexanika Smoke, a Russian brand that usually works with first-class materials, brings us this shisha known as Mexanika Smoke. A shisha made in stainless steel, with a spectacular design that resembles the VZ Mini hookah, but with a minimalist touch, which gives it a lot of elegance.

Being traditional, it has a closure system that works by pressure, with a rubber seal that serves as a link between the base and the mast. The plate part is attached to the body by a thread, so the assembly will have no complications.

If we talk about purging, all you have to know is that it works wonders! Leave the base clean of smoke with the least possible effort.

Regarding performance, we find a hookah that has a very smooth shot, and that will make us enjoy large and dense clouds of smoke.

  • Traditional Style
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Russian brand
The base is made of high quality glass. Its design is rounded, giving it a touch of dynamism.

It includes:
  • Crystal Base
  • Matching mouthpiece

When it comes to cleaning the shisha, its size is an advantage since we can use special cleaning brushes for all its parts and the assembly of the hookah is simple.

A hookah with a really impressive design that offers us enormous performance to achieve large and dense clouds of smoke with this shisha Mexanika Smoke.


The product may differ slightly from the photo

It come with Matt Black Silicone Hose

What you get:

  • Mexanika Shisha
  • Provost
  • ST Phunnel Bowl (random colour)
  • Mexanika Tongs
  • Overdozz Coal 1kg
  • 10m Foil
  • Dschinni Burner (Basic Set Only)